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Following a hugely popular relaunch of the Tote Ten to Follow during the 2019/20 jumps season, where the winner walked away with over £177,000!, the game returns again for the 2020/21 season!

Tote Ten to Follow is the closest thing to being a racehorse owner, all for just £5/€5.50. To enter, players must select ten horses to fill their stable, from a list of over 500 of the biggest names in training. The stable with the most points at the end of the season wins 70% of the season prize pool, with 30% distributed between 2nd to 100th place.

There is also be a free-to-play version of the game offering a £5,000 prize to the winner.

Entries close at 11am on November 14th, and the game runs until April 24th. There will be a guaranteed minimum of £150,000 up for grabs and it could be significantly more! There is zero takeout, all money from entries will be distributed as prizes.

The season long competition gives you chance to really get behind ten horses and feel like they are running for you.

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How to Enter the Ten to Follow

Entries are open from November 2nd. Register to play with Tote.

  • Pick 10 horses to represent your stable
  • Score points when they win races
  • Bag yourself extra points with victory in one of 25 bonus races
  • Get your hands on a share of a minimum £150,000 prize pot
  • There are also four £10,000 monthly prizes up for grabs!

Tote Ten To Follow Competition

  • With the Ten to Follow you select a stable of ten from a list of over 500 horses to represent you during the season. Each stable costs £5 to enter and you can play as many times as you wish. You can also create one stable for free to enter the free-to-play version of the Ten to Follow which has a 5,000 prize.
  • Horses score points for each race they win during the season, with the points on offer depending on the level of the race: -
    • A Grade 1 is worth 25 points
    • A Grade 2 is worth 20 points
    • A Grade 3 is worth 15 points
    • Any Listed race is worth 12 points
    • Any other race is worth 10 points
  • There are 25 Ten to Follow bonus races that award an extra 25 points to the winner and 12 points to the runner up.
  • There are also bonus points available for winners that return a high Tote Each-Way dividend.
  • During the season there are prizes of £10,000 for the stables scoring the post points in each of the months of December, January, February and March.
  • At the end of the season the stables with the most points win a share of the Ten to Follow prize pool, guaranteed to be worth at least £150,000 in total! The more people that play, the bigger the prize fund will grow.
  • First prize will be at least £77,000! Should 50,000 stables be entered that will grow to over £147,000!

The full rules and terms & conditions are available on the Tote website.

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Ten to Follow Improvements

There have been an number of improvements by Tote since the first Jumps season of the Ten to Follow: -

  • Players can now edit their stables as many times as they like up until closing. Not only that, but it now pays to get your stable in early, as in the event of a dead-heat the earliest entry will assume the higher position.
  • Mini leagues will be available to create and enter from the start of the game. Entrants will be able to take on their friends, family and colleagues.
  • New website design of a smoother experience and to make the game a lot easier to play.
  • There are now two ways to play the game. If you’re looking to create stables on by one, you can use Simple Mode. For those wishing to create permutations, Pro Mode allows you to create and enter your own box perms easily.


Need a bit of a guide? Here are some Ten To Follow Tips form Tote.

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