Ten To Follow Tips

Need a little advice before creating your Ten To Follow stable? Here are some tips from Tote.

Remember you can now edit your stable up to the entry closing time so you can always make changes if need to.

See our main Ten to Follow page for more details of the competition and how to enter.

Top five tips for Ten to Follow players

Pick horses who will run in multiple Bonus races

It makes sense, right?

Hardy, reliable horses with the proven class to both run in and win/place in the Ten to Follow Bonus Races is very much a priority when trying to win the competition.

The number of bonus races to tackle this season is increased to 25 from 15. Targetting as many of these with your stable of 10 will be critical to scoring well.

Don't neglect the handicappers...

There are seven Ten to Follow Bonus Races which are "Handicap" races. These represent a wealth of Bonus points to aim at. Picking hardy and proven handicappers is a sure-fire way to secure at least one good return of points per season, as invariably they all have their turn at some point.

...Or Lightly-Raced/Unexposed Horses

So you've seen a dark horse for the season, but it has only ran once and you're not sure? Remember, you can edit your stable right up to the day the competition starts so if you hear any injury news it is easy to make a switch. But a successful run of wins and point collecting has to start somewhere. Many horses who win or finish 2nd/3rd on their debut go onto record 2-3-4 race winning runs on the back of their debut.

Generally speaking, there is good reason lightly-raced horses are lightly-raced - the best is fully expected to come. When the horse has matured into their frame, or if the pedigree suggests more of a long-term project So don't be afraid to add in horses who've only had a run or two, provided you can envisage a pathway for success this season.

Use the Transfer Window wisely

When it is time for the mid-competition transfer window, players will have the opportunity to change two horses in each stable. Do so carefully, considering some of the following:

  • Early season low-scorers could blossom late, so only swap out the clearly unproductive selections.
  • You can also swap out a horse that has scored highly early which is secured work, but whose form has now tailed off so their job is done.
  • Consider the upcoming Ten to Follow Bonus races and Grade 1s. Their distances and suitability to certain horses need to be taken into account.
  • Proven class is proven class, so it can pay to look past the very obvious names with those rated just a handful of pounds lower officially, but are horses just as likely to run in a given race. This can help separate you from the crowd at key points of the season.

Keep an eye on the latest racing news for a fast start

In the days from the competition opening to the entry deadline, you can edit your stables. This means if a horse gets injured, has a setback or you need to make any tactical changes, you can do so. Keeping a regular eye on a good racing news page will ensure you hear all the latest news regarding the big names and races.

If you like to allocate a number of horses on your shortlist toward having a fast start with early targets, it will be particularly important to ensure your picks, their trainers and jockeys are in the news for the right reasons. Once you are as sure as you can reasonably be that your selections are ready, you can commit with confidence.

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