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Scoop6 Races

This page is updated with the latest Scoop6 race details as soon as they become available. Check this page each Friday to get a head start on picking your selections for the Saturday big bet.

The Scoop6 races for Saturday 21st December will be posted here.
They will be annouced around midday on Friday 20th December. Please check back later to get all the details.

Scoop6 Races for December 14th 2019

Tote have just released the Scoop6 races for this Saturday, 14th December. They are: –

Leg 1: 1:20 Cheltenham
Leg 2: 1:55 Cheltenham
Leg 3: 2:30 Cheltenham
Leg 4: 2:45 Doncaster
Leg 5: 3:05 Cheltenham
Leg 6: 3:40 Cheltenham
(Please mention if re-posting these details)

There was no winner of last Saturday’s Scoop6. This is great news for you as the Win fund starts at £13,551 and the bonus fund is at £186,431! Both these totals will grow rapidly as more stakes are placed.

This week’s Scoop6 pool is expected to swell to £350,000. Tote predict there will be around £150,000 in the win fund and £200,000 in the bonus fund.

All of the races, with the exception of the opening leg, will be shown live on ITV4.

Tote spokesman Kevin O’Malley said: “Saturday’s Scoop6 pool presents a fun challenge for punters across a variety of interesting races. A competitive Caspian Caviar Gold Cup at 1.55pm is undoubtedly a testing Torpedo leg to overcome. Get over the Leg 2 hump by finding the feature winner and remaining tickets will be well positioned to negotiate the remainder of the pool.”

Good luck everyone. Remember to return to on Saturday for live updates as the Scoop6 runs.

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