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Scoop6 Results for 18th December 2004

Win Fund: There were 3 correct selections each winning £18,604.60

Place Fund: There were 5048 correct selections each winning £6.30

Scoop6 Win Fund Total: £55,813
Scoop6 Place Fund Total: £31,893
Scoop6 Bonus Fund Total: £23,920

Scoop6 Race 1 - 2:20 Newcastle

Distance: 3m 0f Runners: 12 Favourite: 1

1st1Rambling Minster (F)
2nd11Just Beth
3rd5Sharp Belline

Scoop6 Race 2 - 2:35 Warwick

Distance: 2m 5f Runners: 10 Favourite: 7

1st4One Nation
2nd8The Last Mohican
3rd7Lirta (F)

Scoop6 Race 3 - 2:50 Newcastle

Distance: 2m 4f Runners: 10 Favourite: 5

1st6Sound Of Cheers
2nd7Man Murphy
3rd5Brave Thought (F)

Scoop6 Race 4 - 3:05 Warwick

Distance: 2m 4f Runners: 7 Favourite: 6

1st6Noisetine (F)
2nd4Killultagh Storm

Scoop6 Race 5 - 3:20 Newcastle

Distance: 2m 0f Runners: 19 Favourite: 9

1st7Still Going On
3rd15Northern Minster
4th9Bogus Dreams (F)

Scoop6 Race 6 - 3:40 Warwick

Distance: 2m 0f Runners: 12 Favourite: 2

1st2The Local (F)
2nd5La Marette
3rd1It's Rumoured