£150,000 up for grabs in the Tote Ten to Follow!

The iconic Tote Ten to Follow competition is making a very welcome return for the the 2020/21 Jumps season and entries are open now!

The season long competition gets underway on Saturday 14th November and continues all the way to April 24th.

The total prize fund is guaranteed to be worth at least £150,000 and could be considerably more. Tote are taking no money out of the prize fund – every penny staked will be paid out in prizes.

Make sure you get your entry in before 11am on Saturday 14th November.

You need to pick a stable of 10 horses to follow across the jumps season. You will then earn points based on their results – with the best performing stable guaranteed to win at least £77,000 and prizes for the top 100 stables!

There are also four £10,000 prizes up for grabs for the best performance in each full month of the Ten to Follow.

Ten to Follow stables cost £5 each and there is also a free-to-play version with a £5,000 prize.

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How to Play the Ten to Follow

You create a stable by selecting 10 horses from a list of over 500 of the biggest names. These horses then score points every time they win, or are placed, in a race. The 100 stables with the most points at the end of the season get a share of a prize fund which is guaranteed to total at least £150,000! with first place being worth at least £77,000!

There are bonus races that score extra points and also prizes of £10,000 for the stables that score the most points in each full month of the competition. More details of how you score points can be found on our Ten to Follow page.

Each stable costs £5 to enter and you can play as many times as you wish. There is also be a free to play version of the Ten to Follow with a £5,000 prize.

The Ten to Follow is run as a pool, like all the other Tote bets, so the more people that play the larger the prizes will grow. If there were 200,000 entries then first place would be worth over £600,000! If there were 400,000 entries it would swell to over £1.25 Million! So make sure you share this post with your friends.

Register with Tote to be ready to create your Ten to Follow stable. Find all the horses available and start making your selections.

Are you looking forward to playing the Ten to Follow or have memories from previous runnings of the Ten to Follow? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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