Will the Scoop6 be won?

The Tote have opened markets on this weekend’s record-breaking Scoop6 and reckon the bet is 1-4 to be won this Saturday and 11-4 to rollover to Hennessy Gold Cup weekend on Saturday 29th November.

And the firm have also priced up a market on how much money will be taken in Stakes on the Scoop6 this Saturday. They have 13-8 joint favourites of are Over £2million to £2.5million and Over £2.5million to £3million.

Spokesman Damian Walker said: “We took £1M two weekends ago and £2M last Saturday, so we reckon this weekend’s turnover is most likely to fall between £2M-£3M. I’m sure we won’t mind paying out at 50-1 on over £4million being bet this Saturday.”

“The scoop6 doesn’t look as though it will be as difficult as it has been the previous two weekends and it is a 1-4 chance to be won.”

“With that in mind and almost £3M of dead money in the pool, punters need to get busy this weekend as the huge rollovers might not be around if they wait a week.”

Our thoughts agree with the Tote’s assessment, which is good since they know much more than us! Though the races for this week’s Scoop6 haven’t been released yet, it looks like there aren’t the number of difficult races for the Tote to pick from this time. Overall we think that’s a good thing. The massive rollover is a great target to go for but we think it is time it was won. Also a less daunting line up should mean more new Scoop6 punters are ready to give it a go for the first time.

Make sure you are ready for this Saturday by opening an account with Totesport. They currently are offering a £25 free bet and 5% cash back on totepool bets including the Scoop6.

Tote’s Scoop6 Markets

How much will be bet on the scoop6?
33-1 : Under £1.5million
11-2 : Over £1.5million to £2million
13-8 : Over £2million to £2.5million
13-8 : Over £2.5million to £3million
5-1 : Over £3million to £3.5million
14-1 : Over £3.5million to £4million
50-1 :Over £4million

Will the scoop6 be won?
1-4 : Yes
11-4 : No
All six legs must be run. Prices from 9.30am

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