SuperScoop6 Rules Announced

Tote have now released the full rules for the SuperScoop6, a version of the Scoop6 that will be running at the festivals this year, starting tomorrow at Cheltenham. As my original post said the Super Scoop6 will be very similar to the Scoop6 with the main difference being how the shootout fund, the equivalent of the scoop6 bonus fund, will be played for and awarded.

Here is a quick overview of the differences to the Scoop6 that I’ve picked up form looking through the rules and other sources: –

  • The SuperScoop6 will usually run at festival meetings (Cheltenham, Aintree, Ascot, Goodwood and York) – the normal Scoop6 will continue to run on Saturdays.
  • Rather than a weekly bonus fund, anyone that wins one of the SuperScoop6 rounds during the year will play in a SuperScoop6 Shootout at the end of the flat season on Saturday 9th of November at Doncaster
  • The SuperScoop6 Saturday Shootout will comprise 3 races with all previous SuperScoop6 round winners trying to pick the winners.
  • Each ticket containing the winner of the first Shootout race will win an equal share of 5% of the Shootout fund, the bronze dividend
  • Each ticket containing the winners of the first and second Shootout race will win, in addition to the bronze dividend, an equal share of 20% of the Shootout fund, the silver dividend.
  • Each ticket containing the winners of all three Shootout races will win, in addition to the silver and bronze dividends, an equal share of 75% of the Shootout fund.
  • If the SuperScoop6 Shootout fund isn’t won it will be rolled over to the next season’s SuperScoop6 shootout as decided by totepool.

So, what do I think of this.. Firstly it’s a good time to remind you that this is really just a fan site for the scoop6, trying to make the bet more enjoyable for punters, so this is just my personal view and nothing to do with Totepool, Betfred or anyone else.

Overall I think it is a good idea. In the past they have tried running the Scoop6 at festival meetings and it didn’t seem to have got that much interest and I think part of that might have been down to details of the bonus fund not being clear. Those trials were back in 2008, I didn’t realise they were that long ago until I looked at the history on this site, so I think it is a good time to give it another go. With a strong push that this is something special for the festivals, and with the opportunity for a roll over during a festival to further boost interest, it could well work out well.

My only negative thoughts are: –

  • With a one meeting SuperScoop6 being very similar to a combined Jackpot and Placepot, will people go for the new bet rather than the other two? At the moment it is unclear if the SuperScoop6 will run on the first six races of a meeting, as the Jackpot and Placepot do, or will use a different six to make it different
  • When there is more than one ticket playing for a Bonus Fund they often team up to cover more runners and increase their chances of splitting the fund and it seems likely this will happen with the SuperScoop6 Shootout. I don’t know how this could be avoided but it seems likely to make it less exciting to watch from the outside. Having said that it might be better for anyone playing for it as they are more likely to get a share by teaming up.

I’m looking forward to the SuperScoop6 starting at Cheltenham tomorrow and hope you are too. I will be doing my best to continue to bring you the latest information on this bet and will add more information to the site as the final details come to light. Feel free to share you thoughts in the comments section below.

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