Scoop6 Races for October 19th 2019

Tote have just released the Scoop6 races for this Saturday, 19th October. They are: –

Leg 1: 1:35 Ascot
Leg 2: 2:10 Ascot
Leg 3: 2:45 Ascot
Leg 4: 3:20 Ascot
Leg 5: 4:00 Ascot
Leg 6: 4:40 Ascot
(Please mention if re-posting these details)

There was no winner of last Saturday’s Scoop6. This is great news for you as the Win fund starts at £37,048 and the bonus fund is at £114,225! Both these totals will grow rapidly as more stakes are placed.

tote predict the combined win and bonus fund could be worth £200,000, with around £75,000 in the win fund and £125,000 in the bonus fund.

The Scoop6 features all six races from Ascot with all the races to be shown on ITV (ITV4 for the opener).

Good luck everyone. Remember to return to on Saturday for live updates as the Scoop6 runs.

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