Scoop6 Races for December 15th 2012

Tote have just released the Scoop6 races for this Saturday, 15th December. They are: –

Race 1 : 1:20 Cheltenham
Race 2 : 1:35 Doncaster
Race 3 : 2:10 Doncaster
Race 4 : 2:30 Cheltenham
Race 5 : 3:05 Cheltenham
Race 6 : 3:20 Doncaster
(Please mention if re-posting these details)

There was no winner of the Scoop6 last Saturday. This is great news for you as the Win fund will start off this Saturday with £47,298 already in the pot and the Bonus fund starts at £20,270. Both these totals will grow rapidly as more stakes are placed.

Therefore a single winner of the Win and Bonus Funds could scoop around £150,000!

Beat the rush and open an account with Totepool bookmakers, the home of the Scoop6, now. They currently have a great promotion running: – Sign up for a free Totepool betting account, using the links on this page, and get a £10 Free Bet! Full details of this offer can be found on the Totepool site.

Good luck everyone. Remember to return to on Saturday for live updates as the Scoop6 runs.

7 Responses to “Scoop6 Races for December 15th 2012”

  1. Andi Peters Says:

    Winning it this week

  2. Chunky Says:

    good luck all,a nice amount up for grabs before xmas. I’ll go for 8,5,3,2,3,13 on my first line and fav’s on the other.

  3. Geoff Wilson Says:

    Well done, confidence may help, But experience kills confidence..

    One thing missing from this site is a report of Bonus Races, any chance this could be added? A full breakdown of selection etc. would certainly interest me.

    23 winners from the 1ST ….. how many shared the £728K on the 8TH ?

    Did they work together? or did they try (and succeed?) to win the lot alone?

    If this information can’t be added to the site where can I find it?

    Fair play to those who played the FAV line on the 1ST …. how many times has that ploy worked over the years?

    Off to try and dream tomorrows winners … Good Luck All.

  4. Dave Says:

    Morning all I do hope that they lumped together to get the bonus sadly when I won :)(Might have mentioned it)they didnt want to do that very dissapointing but think that there were too many syndicates involved on the day we shared it so all looking for bonus alone. Its free money people but oh well.

    Yes Geoff we normally have a line that has the Fav on the 1st normally keeps you in play for win or place GL all

  5. Chunky Says:

    my selections should have read,8,5,9,2,3,13,and not No;3 in the 3rd race,anyway good luck all.PS morning Sir A.

  6. stu Says:

    Really disappointing that all scoop 6 races not on c4. its supposed to be big tv bet!

  7. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Unfortunately Totepool / Betfred don’t reliably release details of which selections any bonus punters have chosen. Occasionally they will post something to their Twitter account but I’m not always around on a Saturday to spot that and repost it here.

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