Scoop6 Races for August 11th 2012

Tote have just released the Scoop6 races for this Saturday, 11th August. They are: –

Race 1 : 2.05 Ascot
Race 2 : 2.20 Haydock
Race 3 : 2.40 Ascot
Race 4 : 3.00 Newmarket
Race 5 : 3.15 Ascot
Race 6 : 3.50 Ascot
(Please mention if re-posting these details)

There was no winner of the Scoop6 last Saturday. That is great news for you as the Win fund will start off this Saturday with £239,878 rolled over from last week and the Bonus fund starts at £102,805. Both these totals will grow rapidly as more stakes are placed but totepool are guaranteeing that the Bonus fund will be worth at least £150,000.

Therefore a single winner of the Win and Bonus Funds should scoop around £1/2 MILLION!

This week’s totescoop6 features four races from Ascot’s Shergar Cup meeting and one race each from Haydock and Newmarket. Betfred and Totepool spokesman Mark Pearson said: “The Scoop6 has rolled for the last four weeks but that run could well come to an end. It’s still competitive but we have smaller fields this Saturday so it looks very winnable.”

Beat the rush and open an account with Totepool bookmakers, the home of the Scoop6, now. They currently have a great promotion running: – Sign up for a free Totepool betting account, using the links on this page, and get a £10 Free Bet!. Full details of this offer can be found on the Totepool site.

Good luck everyone. Remember to return to on Saturday for live updates as the Scoop6 runs.

6 Responses to “Scoop6 Races for August 11th 2012”

  1. TGT Scoop6 Syndicate - Mk2 - Page 3 Says:

    […] Chats: 21943 This could get interesting if nobody wins it this week. Scoop6 Races for August 11th There was no winner of the Scoop6 last Saturday. That is great news for you as the Win fund […]

  2. Sue Says:

    I notice there was no scoop 6 forum this week – is this due to the amount of people abusing this site weekly? I personally am pleased that something has been done about it as some people clearly used what was once a very interesting and enjoyable racing forum and turned it into a site to vent their frustrations/anger etc., on innocent people who just wanted to compare their results with other people of a similar frame of mind, and I have been distressed on a weekly basis by the people who have deemed it fit to use this site as a personal chat line for completely non race related rubbish and the language has been absolutely appalling and offensive without exception. Also threats of a very offensive nature have frequently crept into the “chat” by so called anonymous people who hide behind their sign in name I for one will not be sorry to see the back of this forum unless it can be made safer and more enjoyable for the people who do not abuse it and treat it as it should be treated – as a non offensive, non aggresive and non threatening racing forum.

  3. Richard Says:

    It is an unfortunate fact that when something is shown to be pleasant and informative, you will always get moron’s who think it hilarious to vent their frustrations to spoil it. I would also like to see some way for the site to continue, hopefully this can happen.

  4. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Yes I’ve had to remove the chat, at least for the time being. Unfortunately it was just causing more issues each week and I’m not able to constantly be on the site every Saturday to moderate it. I’m trying to find some why to make it feasible but that will take me some time.

    I’m sorry I’ve had to remove it, and that a few people have spoiled it for everyone, but the rest of the site won’t be affected and will continue bringing the latest results as normal as it has for the last 9 years.

  5. Chunky Says:

    As i said on the forum ,make people register with a valid e-mail address,but not msn,hotmail,etc and only one account per address,genuine people would have no problems with it only people out to cause trouble on the site would object having to register.People posting on here have already had to put in an e-mail address so they should have no problem doing the same to join the forum.

  6. Dave (Sir Alex) Says:

    Well I am to a point glad to say that I was nowhere near a computer last weekend 11th August. Think forum is fun and generally have a laugh in there. Often set myself up for abuse and live with it ( Having won it helps :)). Ok serious side now obviously am prepared to sign up and valid E mail address was given on here. Have in the past recieved E mails as a number of people know it only actually ever recieved one unpleasant one which was from a very strange source namely another winner! So go figure folks as they asked my opinion! Hope it returns and good work Rich

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