Scoop6 Loser Found

Ok, finding a loser after last weeks Scoop6 was not won isn’t really that hard a task, there is one sat behind this keyboard, but one punter had a particually close call.

Going into the final race there were 19 tickets still live, split over 9 runners. Coming to the last this punter held the only ticket still in with a chance, a chance of scooping the full £2,098,527 for himself and befcome the largest Scoop6 winner ever. His hopes lay with 66/1 shot Maneki Neko who had a good run and was battling with Sunnyhillboy for the lead. Unfortunately his dreams weren’t to come true as Sunnyhillboy pulled away to win by four lengths.

Betfair have announced that the unlucky punter placed their Scoop6 bet with them and, though the punter wishes to stay anonymous, they have released some details. The punter was making only his second Scoop6 bet but was giving it a good go by selecting 2,304 lines. He had three selections in the last race (Maneki Neko (2nd), Hernando Royal (4th) and Busker Royal (fell). This means his likely combination was 4x4x4x4x3x3, though the other 3 could be in any of the first five race.

Hopefully there is some good news from this for the unlucky punter. He is likely to have had quite a few winning place lines paying out at £407.40 each to soften the blow. Though I’m sure it would take a while to forget the £2 million+ that he was so close to.

There is good news for everyone else. The Scoop6 rolls over for another week and it looks like we will be playing for a win fund of over £3 million this Saturday. Add in the bonus fund and there could be a possible prize of over £4 million!!

Beat the rush and open an account with Totesport bookmakers, the home of the Scoop6, now. They currently have a £25 free bet promotion and will also give you 5% cashback on your Scoop6 bets this month. The unlucky punter didn’t take advantage of that offer so lost himself £230 before racing started, that’s not unlucky, it’s foolish!

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