Scoop6 Chat 29th Nov

If you want to chat with other Scoop6 players about today’s Scoop6 – either sharing your selections, your successes, when you are knocked out or anything else –  please post a comment below.  This post will be linked to from the Scoop6 Results page so more people will see it as the day progresses.

19 Responses to “Scoop6 Chat 29th Nov”

  1. massey Says:

    hi rich cant believe it im still in had 5 horses in second leg 3 were nowhere to be seen the other 2 were big bucks and madison du berlais got classic fiddle and billyvoddan in next fingers crossed

  2. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Well done Massey. I got a little over excited cheering on madison du berlais! Should be another big day next Saturday with the bonus not being won, which is good news for the Scoop6 after this weekends very quiet betting.

    For once I’m not worried about a win fund rollover so will stick my support behind your selections. Good luck.

  3. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    🙂 Who’ve you got in the last Massey?

  4. Mrs S Says:

    Good luck Massey.

  5. massey Says:

    not again lmoa i have helens vision this is getting to much for me ive laid out £90 so looks a good return if i can get it lol wish me luck

  6. massey Says:

    ty MRS S

  7. Emily Says:

    Congratulations massey!!!

  8. massey Says:


  9. massey Says:


  10. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Well done Massey!! £27,000 ish I think. Not a bad return considering it was over the 4 legs (less bet and increased chances of it being split between a lot of people)

  11. massey Says:


  12. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    The data I’ve just got from tote list the payout as £34,430.60. At the moment I’m not sure why the difference.

  13. massey Says:

    ty Emily

  14. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Oh yeah: –
    “In the event of a Tote Scoop6 leg being declared void, the Tote Scoop6 will operate on the remaining legs. Should Tote Scoop6 be decided on less than six legs the Bonus Fund will not operate and that day’s Bonus Fund (excluding any carry-over, which will be rolled over to future Bonus fund(s)) will be divided equally between the Win Fund and Place Fund.”

  15. massey Says:

    pool was 81,000?

  16. massey Says:


  17. massey Says:

    so do we get a chance at the £1.5m?

  18. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    If all 6 races were run the pools would have been
    Win: 81158 – Place: 46375 – Bonus: 34782

    As only 4 were run the bonus fund is removed and it’s value split between the other pools by the standard ratio (which is 7:4). This makes the pools
    Win: 103292 – Place: 59024

    So the win per ticket is £34,430.60!

    The bad news is you don’t get a chance to play for the £1.5million as the Scoop6 wasn’t run in full. Well you do get a chance if you win next week 😉

    Yet us know your tips 🙂

  19. massey Says:

    will do ill post next week if thats ok

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