Scoop6 Advice

Good morning to all visitors to Whether you’re a long term player, a first timer or are just here to see the latest information, we hope you have a great day. If you are here just to watch, we think you should consider going for at least one £2 line. It will be more entertaining than watching balls drop in the lottery tonight and you can place you bet while staying in the warm.

OK, on to some advice. We aren’t Scoop6 tipsters here as we really have no clue what has a chance today but we can give you some tips from our many years of Scoop6.

  • Don’t leave it too late
    As the first race approaches the rate of money flowing into the Scoop6 will increase massively. With some predictions that over £4 million will be staked today there is every chance that the Tote’s website might run a little slow. Our tip, even if you aren’t ready to place your bet yet or aren’t even sure if you will bet on today’s Scoop6, is to open an account with Totesport now so you are ready for when you do want to bet. You can open an account without depositing any money and they are paying 5% cashback on your Scoop6 stakes.

    Once you have an account you have less to do on the site if it does slow down, but we would still advise you fund your account and place your Scoop6 bet as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss out on your chance.

  • Write down your selections
    Ok, it’s obvious you should make a note of who you select in each race. The tip is simply to write down the runner numbers as well as the names. It gives you much more chance of spotting how your runner is doing, especially in the shorter races at Lingfield. When you place your bet on the Totesport site you will also see the colours each horse will carry. Making a note of those can also be helpful. One of the Scoop6’s big advantage over the lottery is you get some entertainment for your stake so make sure you make the most of it by being able to follow your selections.

We’ll leave it as that for now as the most important thing is that you don’t end up unable to place your bet. Open a Totesport account now.

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