New Scoop6 Site launched

This site has now been online for very nearly ten years, with the last seven of them as Over that time it has been bringing the latest Scoop6 results to punters, helping keep them up to date with the progress of the bet and other news.

Over recent years more and more people have been visiting the site using mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc) and so I have spent some time on the site recently to make it more friendly to use on smaller screens. I hope those users will find it a huge improvement but I have been careful not to change too much and the general features of the site are the same as before. There have also been a few tweaks behind the scenes to try to get the site updated even more quickly.

As with any change there is always a chance that something may be broken. I hope that isn’t the case and will continue running checks now the new site is live. If you do find an issue, or have any suggestions on how to improve the site, please leave a comment below.

Thank you to everyone that has found this site useful and has left nice comments over the years. It was set up due to a personal interest in the Scoop6 and because tote, then totesport, then totepool didn’t provide better data to users. Hopefully these changes will keep it popular for a few more years.

Good luck to everyone playing the Scoop6. I’ll get this weeks races up as soon as I get details.

3 Responses to “New Scoop6 Site launched”

  1. Denise Says:

    Well done all – new site looking good

  2. Chris Says:

    We never get to know what the previous weeks winners have chosen for the bonus race and the results. Is this possible in future?

  3. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Unfortunately totepool don’t release that info reliably. They sometimes tweet it, and I repost it if I see it in time, but there isn’t one place I can go to get the info. I will get in touch with them and see if there is anything they can do.

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