Friday All-Weather Scoop6

Totepool have just announce that their flagship totescoop6 bet will now be available on Friday evenings taking in 6 all-weather races during the winter. It starts this Friday with win fund guaranteed to be worth at least £25,000 and a bonus fund of £75,000!

The ‘Friday Scoop6’ has the same structure as the Saturday Scoop6 but will be run as a separate pool. Winners of the Friday Scoop6 win fund who have correctly selected the winning horse in all 6 legs of the Friday scoop6 have the opportunity to select the winner of the bonus race nominated by Totepool the following Friday. Any customer who selects the winner of the bonus race qualifies for a dividend from the Friday Scoop6 bonus fund. All rollover amounts from the Friday Scoop6 will carry forward to the following Friday Scoop6. Any rollovers from the Saturday Scoop6 will continue to carry forward to the following Saturday Scoop6. At the end of the Friday Scoop6 season (currently 4th April 2014) any rollovers will be carried forward to following season’s Friday Scoop6. Races which make up the Friday Scoop6 will be selected and communicated the day before.

This Friday the Scoop6 will consist of six races for Wolverhampton and Dundalk. Full details of the selected races will be available here on Thursday.

Brent Dolan, Totepool Operations Director said: “Fridays evenings are popular in LBO’s and as such we have taken one of our most successful bets and will now offer customers a chance to win life-changing amounts on a Friday night as well a Saturday afternoon. With such a loyal following of all-weather fans and only a small risk of losing meetings to the elements, we are confident the Friday Scoop6 will prove to be a popular weekly bet.”

Beat the rush and open an account with Totepool bookmakers, the home of the Scoop6. They currently have a great promotion running: – Sign up for a free Totepool betting account, using the links on this page, and get a £10 Free Bet! Full details of this offer can be found on the Totepool site.

Good luck everyone. Remember to return to on Friday & Saturday for live updates as the Scoop6 runs.

2 Responses to “Friday All-Weather Scoop6”

  1. Patricia North Says:

    Please can you clarify if the Friday AW Scoop 6 is available in Betting Shops or is it only online betting? If it is available in shops is it a different form from the Saturday Scoop 6?

  2. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Yes it will be available in betting shops as well as online.

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