Are you still in?

Post a comment below to tell all the other visitors to the site how you’re doing in today’s Scoop6.

27 Responses to “Are you still in?”

  1. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Well I guess I should get this started. I’m out, totally out, not even in for the place prize! Now you know why we don’t post tips! 🙂 Good luck all.

  2. John Slatex Says:

    I’m out too, hope that win fund carries over another week… only joking! best of luck everyone! 🙂

  3. Mark Says:

    still in, had markab and atlantic in the 1st

    izzibusy/secret night for the second

    good luck everyone

    id be happy to win a few grand, share the wealth, have a load of winners
    rather than a big syndicate winning or someone who’s already rich and has just done a HUGE perm!!

    even if we had 400 winners, still be enough per person..for me anyway:)

  4. Emily Says:

    Boo! Out in the first, still in for a place though – come on Miss Brown To You. Good luck to everyone whos still in.

  5. andy Says:

    same here no tickets left running time to buy a lottery ticket.

  6. Mark Says:

    out , 3rd did us in! boooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Sorry if my luck has rubbed of on you all! Time to start supporting Scamperdale in the next for a big step towards another rollover.

  8. bugskint Says:

    i’m with you rich, come on scamperdale lol. whats the latest we can purchase a ticket for the lotto?

  9. racinggirl Says:

    I am aiming for the placepot not, I got race 3 the wrong way round!
    I did back Snoopy Loopy at 50/1 this morning So that makes up for it!

  10. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    1 Ajhar 161
    2 Grand Passion 161
    4 Orchard Supreme 73
    7 Scamperdale 9
    11 Harvest Queen 167

    Would all be good for hopes of a rollover.

  11. sharktail12 Says:

    1st time ive done scoop 6 and am out but its quite exciting aint it lol. good luck to those left in!

  12. donna Says:

    Went to William hill at 2pm to put my lines on, computers crashed, tried up until the start with no success,so far got 4 out of 4 for a place, if millards lad and ceramonial jade get a place i will be raging!!!! Good luck to everyone left in!

  13. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Glad your enjoying it Sharktail – hoping for a rollover is also quite exciting – 37 left!

  14. sharktail12 Says:

    hoping for an upset on the last then! i work in a bookies so try not to get involved but i certainly will from now on, its fun!

  15. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    In a way I’m glad Millards lad didn’t make it for you Donna, that would have been painful.

  16. massey Says:

    had atlantic in 1st victoria in 2nd darkness in 3rd baharah in 4th heathcliffe in 5th now i need prohibit for a place .come on baby just a place PLEASE lol

  17. massey Says:

    what a bad ride he gave that prohibit dam .oh well never mind
    great site

  18. sharktail12 Says:

    unlucky massey

  19. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Thanks Massey. You must be gutted.

  20. Splinter Says:

    Well done to the eight winners!

  21. massey Says:

    am totaly gutted ,but weldone to those who got it ,hope it goes to some 1 who realy needs it and not a massive sindicate hope you do more of theses chats ,great stuff

  22. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    I was hoping to add a live chat to the site this week but just ran out of time after adding this blog and re-coding the live results page to make sure it would cope with the extra traffic. This has worked quite well so I’ll try to expand on it in coming weeks. Thank you all for posting.

  23. massey Says:

    hi rich last week was a gutter but got off to a good start today

  24. Mrs S Says:

    Hello there, I’ve had dreadful luck in the past few weeks.
    However, this week I’m still in the place!!
    Fingers crossed!!

  25. Scoop6 Rich Says:

    Good Luck Mrs S

  26. Mrs S Says:

    Oh Bum!!
    I had Classic Fiddle but put it in another row. So I’m out.

  27. dave Says:

    does anyone no the rules on the place payout , i ppayed £4 as i had to hores in the first races , all placed should i be payed double or do the 2 in first race av to b placed

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