6 Things to Know about the Scoop6

6 things to know about the scoop6…

  • Saturday’s Win Fund Rollover £2,037,527 is the largest in the history of the bet.
  • Coupled with the Bonus fund rollover, the combined sum of £2,941,953 is the highest combined rollover ever
  • It has now been 11 weeks since the scoop6 was won, the longest run of Win Fund rollovers in the history of the bet.
  • The scoop6 place fund has paid an average of £669 so far in 2008, but has paid over £1,000 five times in the last eight weeks.
  • All customers who landed the Place fund last week shared a payout of almost £500,000
  • There have been four scoop6 millionaires in the history of the bet.

Other points:

totescoop6 facts and figures

Record Win fund dividend: £1,519,301 (20th October 2007)
Record Bonus fund dividend: £1,339,148 (10th November 2007)
Record Place fund dividend: £39,240 (30th September 2006)

On Saturday 22nd November 2008 a single winner of both the Win and Bonus funds is expected to win close to £5 million!

Top 5 Small staking winners:

£878,939 (Win) – Ron Nicholson, Sat 17th April 2004 (£4)
£695,911 (Win) – Archie Evans, Sat 10th March 2007 (£2)
£688,620 (Win & Bonus) – Agnes Haddock, Sat 3rd February 2007 (£2)
£610,620 (Win & Bonus) – Adam Phillips, Sat 21st July 2007 (£2)
£517,142 (Win & Bonus) – Paul Freeman Sat 23rd November 2002 (£8)

Will you be the next winner. Place you Scoop6 bet at Totesport to find out.

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