Over £4m to be Bet on the Scoop6?

Yesterday we brought you news of Totesport running a market on How much will be bet on the Scoop6. Well, If money talks, then over £4million will be bet on the scoop6 this Saturday! Just before 3.30pm today Totesport were forced to suspend the market.

Spokesman Damian Walker said: “It has been a crazy day. We opened the market at 9.30am and the 50-1 about £4 million or more being bet on the scoop6 this Saturday was soon snapped up followed by all the prices down to 8-1 in just over half an hour.”

“But even after that, punters were taking any price we put up. Our odds compilers said they had seen nothing like it. Just before 3.30pm the decision was taken to suspend the market. It would be fair to say we have a very one-sided book, but £4million+ turnover would more than make up for that.”

How much will be bet on the scoop6 this Saturday? This is how the market moved: –
Market opened at 9.30am
9.30am : 50-1
9.36am : 20-1
9.46am : 14-1
9.53am : 10-1
10.02am : 8-1
10.56am : 13-2
12.14pm : 5-1
1.00pm : 5-2
2.26pm : 2-1
3.21pm : SUSPENDED

If £4 million is bet on the scoop6 this Saturday that would take the win prize to at least £3.4 million with another £1.5 million available as a bonus the following week. Had you asked us yesterday we would have thought to have £4 million bet would be very unlikely but it looks like it might happened as awareness of this massive rollover spreads particually to people hearing about the Scoop6 for the first time.

New to the Scoop6? Register with Totesport now so you are sure to be ready for Saturday. It’s free to register and they are offering 5% cashback on Scoop6 bets and a free £25 bet. Register now.

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