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Scoop6 Betting

You can bet on the Scoop6 very easily by opening an account with totesport bookmakers, the company that manage all Scoop6 betting.

On their website you can easily enter your Scoop6 selection(s) and pay for your stake by credit card.

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Click Here to Visit totesport

Betting on the Scoop6 on the totesport Site

Visit the totesport website and enter the totepool section of the site.

If a Scoop6 pool is active a Scoop6 button will show at the top of that section.

Clicking on the Scoop6 button will display a grid from which runners in the first leg can be selected. Tick the boxes on the right for your selections and then click the 2 button at the top of the page to move on to the second leg.

Repeat this for each of the 6 legs of the Scoop6.

Finally click on the Summary button to check your selections and to place your bet.