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Scoop6 Betting

You can bet on the Scoop6 very easily by opening an account with totesport bookmakers, the company that manage all Scoop6 betting.

On their website you can easily enter your Scoop6 selection(s) and pay for your stake by credit card.

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Betting on the Scoop6 on the totesport Site

The Saturday Scoop6 racecard, held over a selection of meetings, will be highlighted on the Homepage and on the Racing Index page of the totesport website

If a tote Scoop6 pool is active, and the first race has not yet gone of, then a list of races that make up the Scoop6 card will be displayed, along with the current Win, Place and Bonus Fund totals.

Clicking on the Scoop6 button will display a grid from which runners in each leg can be selected. The left-most column of the grid will contain the declaration numbers associated with the rows of checkboxes, which represent the runners for each leg. The name of each horse will not be displayed on this grid due to limited space, so instead a list will be displayed to the right of the grid containing the names of all the horses for one leg. Initially the horse names for the first leg will be displayed, but, by clicking on the appropriate buttons at the top of the list, the names of horses in other legs can be displayed.

N/R will be put against non-runners. A horse can be selected either by number (by clicking the box in the leg column) or by name (by clicking the box beside the horse's name).

To place a tote Scoop6 bet, select your chosen horses from each of the six legs and then click on the Enter Stake button at the bottom of the list.

Having made all the selections enter the stake and click Place Bet.

If you are in any doubt that the bet is accepted and the stake has been taken you can check your Statement. This can be done by clicking on Account at the top of the screen and then View Statement.