Scoop6 Interest Surges Online

It has now been eleven weeks since the Scoop6 was won. Not only has the win fund ballooned in that time, to a predicted £3 million this Saturday, but also interest online has been surging ahead as people take advantage of the Internet to research selections, find the latest news and to place their bets.

The website has had a huge increase in traffic over the last few weeks and the team behind it have been working hard to ensure that it keeps up with the pace this Saturday, as well as adding some new features.

Scoop6 Traffic v Amount Bet on the Scoop6

Traffic to (Blue) v Amount Bet on the Scoop6 (Red) - Relative percentages to 15 Nov figures

Traffic to (Blue) v Amount Bet on the Scoop6 (Red) - Percentages relative to 15 Nov figures

As the value of the win fund rose past £2 million last weekend traffic to the site was up to 215% of what it was the week before and over 485% of what it was at the start of the month. A similar increase is expected this week as there is a lot of buzz about the huge Scoop6 rollover and awareness of is spreading almost as quickly.

About is a site run by fans of the Scoop6 to give other Scoop6 punters easy access to data about the pool. Set up over 3 years ago, the site is the easiest way to get the latest information about how the Scoop6 is unfolding.

The site is updated every few minutes each Saturday with the very latest information available on how the Scoop6 is progressing. This starts in the morning, at around 8:30am, when final confirmation of the Scoop6 races is made and those are made available on the site. During the rest of the morning the payouts available from each pool can be watched increasing as more stakes are added into the pool.

In the afternoon the racing starts. As each race result is declared by the tote the results are shown on and details of how many tickets are still in with a chance of winning are released. It also displays which runners those tickets are resting on in the next race. If a punter is doing well they can use this to see how the prize fund may be split if their luck continues. If they are not doing so well they can join the other Scoop6 punters who are hoping the horse carrying the least tickets wins, since that increases the chances of another rollover.

Finally, after all the the results are in, the number of winning tickets is shown along with the payout each will receive – or how much will rollover to the following week if there has been no winner.

New Features

While focusing on improving the behind the scenes systems that drive so as they handle this increased traffic, the team have also been adding some improvements to the site to keep it the best Scoop6 resource on the net.

  • A news section has been added to the site so as information that comes in during the week can be shared.
  • A Scoop6 Twitter account has been set up which will be automatically updated with the latest information as it becomes available.
  • The live Scoop6 results pages will now refresh much more frequently and, when showing how many tickets are on each horse in the next leg, will now show the horse’s name along with it’s number.
  • Super7 results have now been added too the site. The Super7 is a somewhat similar to the Scoop6 but runs on the days when the Scoop6 doesn’t.
  • and there is more in the works. would like to wish everyone the best of luck with this weeks Scoop6. The buzz will keep growing over the next few days and we are ready for it! (fingers crossed;) )

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